2018 RaceView Seasonal Subscription


RaceView Seasonal Subscription

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You are purchasing the RaceView® Seasonal Product. You will be billed $79.99 for the remainder of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series™ season. Your subscription will automatically renew at the then-current subscription fees for this product on or about February 1st of each year unless canceled. Please note you can access RaceView on supported mobile devices as part of your subscription. Once subscribed, visit the RaceView Launch page for details on mobile access.

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2018-RVFS: Raceview Seasonal Subscription (79.99)
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My credit card was charged today ($79.99) but I cannot access status of subscription.  Please advise.

I paid $79.99 for RaceView in Febuary 2018 but I have not been able to use the program.  I have not been able to watch even one race.  Would you please advise what I need to do to be connected?

Well, I renewed my subscription this morning on my phone and renewed for both phone and pc.  I cannot log in from my pc agian yet it sends me to manage my accounts.Ihave had this service since you started it and every year we go through this crap.  Can you PLEASE get me turned on for both mobile and PC TODAY?    You can call me at 620.340.7900 if you need to.   Phone is working but audio is not working well. Suspect thatmay be on my end but I cannot get anything to come up on the pc except for lthe page that tells me to purchase the product then when I click it is sends me to my account andshowsthe account is active.  I know it is not your fault personally but this get damn old over 5or 6years.